Fifth Harmony released their first single as a quartet last night and the song features rapper Gucci Mane and is titled “Down“. This is the group’s first single since member Camilla Cabello, left the group and recently released her own single Crying In Th Club.

Here is my opinion on Fifth Harmony’s new song……. I love it! I think it’s a great song! It isn’t a Grammy worthy kind of song due to the somewhat generic lyrics, but it makes up for that in a feel good melody and repetitive yet dance worthy chorus. It is very similar to their hit single “Work From Home” and although it isn’t as flawless as “Work From Home” the new single “Down” proves that the ladies will be alright without Camilla, in fact, in less than 24 hours “Down” has already climbed the Itunes charts and is holding strong at #2, something Camilla failed to achieve with her debut single. I am glad to see the girls flourish amidst haters claiming they would be done without Camilla.

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Rating: 8.2/10