Last night Katy Perry dropped a new single Swish Swish Ft Nicki Minaj. The song is an uptempo dance song and has a catchy chorus.  Many fans speculated that the song was a response to the smash hit by Taylor Swift Bad Blood, which we all know is about Katy Perry.  Some of the lyrics in the new song by Perry are “Funny, my name keeps coming out your mouth” and “You’re ’bout as cute as an old coupon, expired, and Karma’s not a liar”

Ruby Rose who is a good friend of Swift did not take to kindly to the possible jab at her friend, and took to Twitter to express her feelings on Perry and her recent music.

Ruby Rose twitter

Katy’s fans did not take kindly to the shade, and KatyKats began tweeting Rose with shade of their own and Rose of course had a response….

Ruby Rose twitter 2

Well then…. I hope that my friends would have my back the way Ruby had Taylor’s. No response yet from Katy…..but then again… why would Katy waste her time on Ruby Rose….